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Modcloth Fall '19 Picks

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

First shopping guide of this year! I usually post these on my IG stories ( I decided to move them here for a more permanent home.

*This post is not-sponsored. All product photos belong to Modcloth.

jeanettechiu-modcloth fall pick

Sale | $64.99

Sweetheart neckline - Yes

Cranberry color - Yes

Cropped length, so you can show off your fall boots? Hell yeah.

Sale | $24.99

I love how this piece is this clutch looks like an 8-bit heart + who wouldn't want to flex at holiday parties with this on your arm?

Sale | $44.99

My favorite find at Modcloth. Super cute statement piece that's not too in-your-face. Plus love the low-heel so I can actually walk in it for my commute.

Sale | $38.97

This one is more for my LA friends or folks who live in areas where it's still 85F in November #smh. But it'll still look cute with a large red jacket and some black ankle booties.


Mk. I've been obsessed with this belt style. You hook it on so that the ornament part locks in and rests in the middle (like a bra strap). It's easier to wear than your typical belt. I've seen Zara + H&M carry a few of their own as well! :)


I'm a sucker for florals and I love the autumn colorway on this print! Cute piece to take you from the office to HH (happy hour)


*insert Lady Gaga*






never the same,

totally unique...



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