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Alice x Olivia + FriendsWithYou

My head in the clouds after AO + FriendsWithYou new collection launch party. When creatives collaborate, it's like the best crossover of all time (move over Avengers).

Who's responsible for these adorable figures in the background behind me? Meet FriendsWithYou, a collaborate creative duo, Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, who set out to bring their interactive art that aims to provoke playfulness, self-reflection, and joy. With Little Cloudy, one of their signature characters, at the forefront, it was a happy marriage with the Alice + Olivia brand's whimsicality.

The centerpiece of the party was this massive bounce house, styled with FriendsWithYou flair. Right next to it, a huge crowd of eager participants impatiently waiting for their turn at the claw machine, filled with the collection's clutches, t-shirts, and keychains (pictured below). Candy stations were peppered around the venue and themed drinks (i.e Strawberry Clouds) featuring Beefeater Gin Pink, Mummnapa, Tequila Avion, and PeroniUSA.

Sunshine and rainbows over here - my favorite pieces of the collection are on the model pictured in the middle. The printed maxi skirt and the cloud top, ($275), (extremely soft, feels like marshmallows tbh) with the rainbow pill clutch, ($550) immediately captures the spirit of this collection- the lady in front of us at the claw machine won this item! *sadface* But nothing beats the line for the tattoo artist on site and everyone's trying to sneak in a custom.

Head on over to Alice + Olivia to see the complete collection + prices.

Special thanks to @runningaroundla!

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