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Jeanette Chiu

Creative Director. Stylist. digital marketer.

"Fashion should never be frustrating." - Rihanna

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Creative Director

Through fashion, design, and marketing campaigns, I'm firmly passionate about the power of authentic and creative storytelling and the impact it has on making positive changes in the intersection of fashion and culture. I will work with you to understand the heart and soul behind your project and bring your vision to life.

Fashion Stylist

Inspired by music and art, my approach in styling for fashion editorials and film is with a bold attitude and whimsicality to create unforgettable fashion moments.
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Digital Marketer

With a background in communications and graphic design, I worked with fashion companies to elevate their brands and grow their businesses through design and tailored customer-based solutions. I specialize in planning campaigns, identifying trends, and analyzing metrics.


Growing up, I was always surrounded by my mom's fashion magazines - she had everything from Harper's Bazaar to Life & Style. Fascinated with the editorial spreads, Looks for Less, Top Trends pieces, it felt like fashion was a world of possibilities that encourage you to push the boundaries. 
Technology, science, pop culture, even politics can be woven into fashion campaigns. With the combination of dynamic visuals and strategic marketing, I want to help others feel empowered to share their narrative and have the confidence to pursue their ideas.
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